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2018 Montana Conference on Mental Illness

By October 4, 2018November 24th, 2020No Comments
The 2018 Montana State Conference on Mental Illness will be on October 24th-26th at Delta Hotels by Marriott Helena Colonial, in Helena

This annual event brings some of the leading researchers, clinicians and advocates to Montana to help improve our mental illness treatment and recovery systems. 

  • Jessie Close will present what it is like to be manic and depressed.  What it’s like to be hospitalized.  How stigma and prejudice hurts so many through no fault of their own.  She will talk about the politics of mental health and mostly talk about her own experiences and how she has learned to take care of herself. 
  • Pete Early is a former Washington Post reporter.  He is best known for his nonfiction book, Crazy: A Father’s Search Through America’s Mental Health Madness”.  He will recap his successes and frustrations while seeking help for his son.  Pete writes regularly for USA Today and the Washington Post about mental health issues.  
  • Ron Honberg is the Senior Policy Advisor, for NAMI.  He will be addressing policy and advocacy legislation surrounding the opioid epidemic, the suicide crisis, veteran issues and other barriers surrounding effective Mental Health treatment and access.
  • Adrienne Kennedy, President of the NAMI National Board of Directors, will present “Mysteries, Mountains and Miracles of Lived Experience”. Ours are not stories about brokenness, but about the brilliance and the fortitude of the human spirit.  Adrienne will share her family’s story, which includes four generations of mental illness resilience, courage, heartbreak and love.  And the incalculable joy and deep personal meaning of finding NAMI.
  • Dr. Christophe Gerard Lambert PhD will present on Systemic Conflicts in Bipolar Disorder Care. His presentation contains information gleaned from over 1.3 million electronic medical records and guidance in sifting through those records from focus groups set up by with individuals with bipolar disorder and family members
  •  Mark Schure PhD, Community Health Assistant Professor, MSU is researching the potential of offering  free online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Montana.
  • Dr. Ana Stan MD will address the development of the RAISE program (Recovery After an Initial Schizophrenia Episode) in Montana from inception to present. The goal of RAISE is to help decrease the likelihood of future episodes of psychosis; reduce long-term disability; and help people get their lives back on track. 

​​You can sign up online at this link or by downloading the offline registration form below, filling it out and mailing it in to the address on the form.​​

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