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Action Alert – Montana Peer Support Legislation!

By February 6, 2019November 24th, 2020No Comments
Senator Jen Gross’s SB30 “Allowing peer support services to be reimbursed under Medicaid” needs your support. It will be heard on the Montana Senate floor on Thursday February 7, 2019.

Please contact members of the Montana Senate and ask them to support this critical bill for peer services.

You can leave a message by calling (406) 444-4800 or sending one through this link.

You will need to name which Senator you want the message to go to.  It’s great if  you are in their District, but we are trying to reach out to all of them.  So any messages you can leave would be wonderful. 

Here is the list of members of the Montana Senate.
* Duane Ankney
* Dick Barrett
* Bryce Bennett
* Mark Blasdell
* Kenneth Bogner
* Carlie Boland
* Dee Brown
* Jill Cohenour
* Mike Cuffe
* Janet Ellis
* Jason Ellsworth
* John Esp
* Jennifer Fielder
* Steve Fitzpatrick
* Pat Flowers
* Terry Gauthier
* Bruce Gillespie
* Jen Gross
* Steve Hinebauch
* Brian Hoven
* David Howard
* Tom Jacobson
* Doug Kary
* Bob Keenan
* Mike Lang
* Margie McDonald
* Sue Malek
* Edie McClafferty
* Nate McConnell
* Mary McNally
* Albert Olszewski
* Ryan Osmundson
* Mike Phillips
* JP Pomnichowski
* Keith Regier
* Tom Richmond
* Scott Sales
* Daniel Salomon
* Diane Sands
* Jon Sesso
* Jason Small
* Frank Smith
* Cary Smith
* Russel Tempel
* Fred Thomas
* Gordon Vance
* Gene Vuckovich
* Roger Webb
* Susan Webber
* Jeffrey Welborn

Remember to be courteous and to the point. A few sentences or a paragraph go a long way. Having a brief messages also allow you to do more messages!

Thank you for taking the time to fight for this critical service!


Matt Kuntz
Executive Director

NAMI Montana

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