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Donation of 122,000 Testing Swabs to Help Montana Reopen

By June 18, 2020November 24th, 2020No Comments
Since March, NAMI Montana has been partnering with the Oro y Plata Foundation and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana to help provide access to supplies for Montana’s COVID-19 response efforts.

We started out getting masks for healthcare workers, then we found out about how the scarcity of testing swabs and how it threatened to hold up Montana’s reopening efforts.
NAMI Montana helps Montanans navigate through the mental illness treatment system and we know how essential reopening is to mental health.

With funding support from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana, NAMI Montana was able to secure 122,000 COVID-19 testing swabs and deliver them to the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services. This will cover two full months of testing at Governor Steve Bullock’s testing goal of 60,000 tests per month.

“We truly appreciate the support from NAMI Montana and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana to support Montana’s collective efforts to increase testing for COVID-19 as we move forward to reopening the state,” DPHHS Director Sheila Hogan said. “It’s these types of partnerships that make a huge difference and we’re thankful for the support.”

NAMI Montana is really grateful for all of the support we’ve received from our colleagues and donors since the COVID-19 outbreak began. This is a long road, but we’re all on it together.

Thank you,
Matt Kuntz, J.D.

Executive Director

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