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How to find Inpatient Mental Health Treatment in Colorado with Treatment Scout

By November 5, 2021No Comments
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Hi, this is Matt Kuntz. I’m the executive director of NAMI Montana and I am excited to show you how to use the Treatment Scout webpage to to find inpatient mental health centers in Colorado. Colorado is one of the states that is close to Montana and we do often get calls looking to find inpatient treatment centers there. Whether it’s someone with family in Montana. Or someone who’s in Montana and has family in Colorado, it’s really regular for us to get calls there. So this is one of the reasons why we developed Treatment Scout to help us figure out a way to find care in other states. So you go to the Treatment Scout website. It’s And you’ll see that we have a variety of different headings to click on like inpatient mental health. Health inpatient addiction. And patient mental health and addiction. Transcranial magnetic stimulation. Several different options. Options for people to explore. So the category that we’re going to go to is inpatient mental health and that is going to prompt you to type in a location for the clinics that you’re looking for. I’m going to go after Colorado. You’ll see a typed in Colorado pop up and then click search.

All right. Easy as that. 16 clinics in Colorado. And see the little Treatment Scout logos over here are placed where they’re at on a map. And. Then you can go here. This is the Shiloh house. It has has a five-star rating with eight reviews. The Denver Health Step program has a 3.9 rating with 1,691 reviews. That is for the whole Denver Health hospital. Not just that program, but it shows you that the hospital has high quality care and then you get into the Mount. St. Vincent home, 3.7 rating with 18 reviews. Community Reach Center in Commerce City. 3.3 rating with 16. Reviews. Denver Children’s H ome. We’ll click on that one. It’s a 3.3 rating with 68 Reviews. Click on that one. Find a little bit more information and you go down and that’s got its address there. And then the phone number. And webpage.

So you’ve. You’ve got a five star ratings here followed followed up by one-star rating. And really a amazing, yet not that surprising to have a mix of five and one star ratings. Those are the ones that we have the top five, if you click on. Get the reviews directly from Google. You will see all of the reviews and the pop-up on google maps. And you can click on them there. So that is how the Treatment Scout website works give it a try if you’re looking for inpatient treatment centers in Colorado or anywhere else. That was the goal that we set up was to help people find really difficult, intensive types of care that aren’t just the standard outpatient mental health and substance abuse care.

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NAMI Montana has a resource guide for every county in Montana. Check it out at

The Treatment Scout website helps people find effective inpatient and residential care. It can also help you explore other intensive care options for mental health, addiction, etc. Find out more at