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List of Bills NAMI Montana is Following at This Year’s Legislature

By January 31, 2017November 24th, 2020No Comments
Here is a list of the bills we are tracking at this year’s Legislature.

HB 17 Ron Ehli Increase HCBS waiver slots and assisted living reimbursement rates
HB 24  Ron Ehli Providing protections to vulnerable persons from financial exploitation
HB 35  Gordon Pierson Create a grant program for training volunteer respite providers
HB 36  Gordon Pierson Fund Alzheimers related services provided by area agencies on aging
HB 70  Jessica Karjala Strengthening guardianship services and creating a WINGS group
HB 71  Wendy McKamey Require certain licensed health professionals be trained in suicide prevention
HB 84 Jessica Karjala Allow for biennial county matching grants for mental health crisis intervention
HB95 Gordon Pierson Increasing access to behavioral health care
HB 117  Jonathan Windy Boy Provide an appropriation for grants to local veteran suicide prevention efforts
HB 118  Jonathan Windy Boy Revise and provide additional funding for state suicide prevention program
HB 142 Laurie Bishop Revise insurance law to give mental health coverage parity with physical health
HB 176 Mary Ann Dunwell Revise mental health screening laws
HB 257 Ellie Hill Smith Consider housing needs in Montana State Hospital discharge plans
HB 265 Mary Ann Dunwell Create a school suicide prevention competitive grant program
HB 309  Mary Ann Dunwell Generally revise housing laws for disabled and criminally convicted individuals
SB 31 Albert Olszewski Require medicaid reimbursement for drug therapy management
SB 45 Margaret (Margie) MacDonald Revise drug and mental health treatment court laws
SB 61 Cynthia Wolken Require certain facilities providing behavioral health srvcs to be lic by DPHHS
SB 62 Cynthia Wolken Certification for behavioral health peer support specialists
SB 63  Cynthia Wolken Revise laws related to supervision of offenders/defendants
SB 65  Cynthia Wolken Generally revise laws regarding housing options for offenders
SB 82 Albert Olszewski Generally revise laws on Medicaid overpayment audits
SB 160 Mary Caferro Require DPHHS to streamline procedures related to mental health services

LC0091 Mary Caferro Require DPHHS to certify mental health peer support specialists
LC0542 Edward Buttrey Create affordable workforce housing incentive fund
LC0719 Cary Smith Provide for high deductible health insurance thru reimbursements and tax credits
LC0909 Ryan Lynch Provide for youth suicide prevention funding
LC1063 Ellie Hill Smith Require state to provide housing as a requirement of corrections release
LC1272 Jessica Karjala Establish the Montana Suicide Review Team
LC1285 Dennis R Lenz Generally revise mental health laws
LC1324 Andrea Olsen Generally revise definition of mental health professional
LC1407 Laurie Bishop Require certain suicide prevention training for 9-1-1 dispatchers
LC1408 Laurie Bishop Require DPHHS to
establish registry of suicide prevention trainers
LC1410 Laurie Bishop Mental health advisory councils & service areas to support suicide prevention
LC1416 Laurie Bishop Generally revise suicide prevention laws
LC2028 Dennis R Lenz Require school districts to address suicide prevention and response
LC2059 Jennifer Eck Generally revise laws on mental health
LC2182 Alan Redfield Revise licensing requirements for certain mental health facilities
LC2247 Dennis R Lenz Generally revise mental health education for teachers

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