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NAMI Montana’s Recipe For Success

By October 23, 2017November 24th, 2020No Comments
by Matt Kuntz

  1. We focus on improving the lives of people who live with serious mental illnesses, including children who may be experiencing symptoms of mental illness but do not have a diagnosis, not general mental health issues.
  2. We seek to spread our message and programs across Montana, including areas and/or population groups that may be challenging for geographical and/or cultural reasons.
  3. We believe that these illnesses should be treated by a qualified medical team as soon as possible.
  4. We are not a medical treatment provider organization. We must maintain our operational and policy independence from medical treatment provider organizations.
  5. Our family education and support programs are absolutely critical because no one else will effectively teach and support these families if we do not.
  6. We seek to engage in challenging and untraditional policy issues that affect the lives of people with serious mental illnesses.
  7. All public-facing computer applications should be easy to update and should be updated often.
  8. The majority of our staff should be consumers and family members.
  9. We try to give consumers and family members the tools to find resources on their own, not have us directing them to the resources.
  10. We are a science-based organization. It is our job to keep Montana’s consumers, families, policy makers and the public informed about the most recent development in the science of mental illness.
  11. We try not to separate consumers and family members according to diagnosis.
  12. Seventy percent or more of our funds should come from private individuals and businesses, not the government.
  13. We support civil rights, but understand that people who live with serious mental illnesses may not be able to safely exercise those rights when they are severely symptomatic.
  14. We try to maximize the participation of individual consumers and families in effective political advocacy, regardless of their specific positions.
  15. The NAMIWalk is essential to our success in fundraising, education, and advocacy. The tasks to put on the Walk must be given a high priority.
  16. We believe that is critical that the mental illness treatment system be measured and reported on in a way that is easily and quickly accessed by consumers, family members, providers, insurers, and policy makers.
  17. We need to send out at least one mass communication per month.
  18. We believe that treating mental illnesses should be the focus of suicide prevention campaigns.
  19. We should have enough funds in our accounts at all times to cover one year’s operating budget.
  20. We expect that our singular focus on finding the most effective care for people who live with serious mental illnesses will isolate us from organizations that provide a substandard level of care.

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