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Real Headway on Youth Suicide Prevention and Crisis Beds at the Montana Legislature

By March 22, 2023No Comments
Montana State Capitol

We are getting deeper and deeper in the Montana Legislative session. NAMI Montana has been working with our legislative allies for over two years to prepare for this effort, because we knew how deeply some of the major funding platforms needed to change.

HB 286 – Funding for Youth Suicide Prevention

Representative Mary Caferro’s legislation to fund research-proven youth suicide prevention methods through the cannabis tax passed the Legislature! These programs can make such a critical difference in our schools. We are so excited to have them strengthened across the state.

If you’d like to learn more about some examples of these programs and how they find into a school’s overall mental health plan, there is a great write-up in the Montana Crisis Action Toolkit on Suicide. (starting on page 19)

HB 557 – Funding for Mental Health Crisis Beds

Representative Jennifer Carlson’s legislation to make it clear that mental health crisis stabilization services are funded through the cannabis tax will be heard in the Senate Public Health Welfare and Safety Committee on Friday at 2:00 PM in Room 317.

It will also be able on Zoom if you would like to watch or testify. You can also send a message asking the Committee to support this critical Legislation. Just click on the link below to find out how.

We would really appreciate any extra support you can give for HB 557 because I will not be there on Friday for the hearing. Colleen Rahn and Jason DeShaw will be showing up and would love to have your support as well.

Contact the Montana Legislature to Support HB 557