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To the People Who Don’t Give Up On Me Because of My Anxiety and Depression

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Kelsey Rozak – The Mighty – August 18, 2017

It is no secret that life hasn’t been easy lately or for awhile. This isn’t about that. This is for all of the people who are still here despite that. To give some background, I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety more than a year ago. Once you have that combination, it never fully “goes away.” The best way I can explain it is by saying they are like long distance friends who you hopefully don’t have to see often. When you do see them, they stay with you.

Usually, they overstay their welcome. It is exhausting, mentally and physically, to keep up with them. They steal things from you. They might keep you confined to your house. They might tell you not to get out of bed. They might keep you awake all night telling you embellished stories that aren’t true. They might make you sleep the day away.

​They are enough to take your appetite away, but they might also tell you to eat everything in your house. They make you over-analyze every situation you find yourself in. Anxiety tells you to worry about everything. Depression tells you to care about nothing. They will rip you in half if you let them.
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