Welcome to the Montana chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

NAMI Montana  supports, educates, and advocates for Montanans with mental illnesses and their families.

County Mental Health Resource Guides

Montana is a big place. NAMI Montana offers mental illness resources guides to help you get in touch with the offices and services you need. We have contact information for emergency response, healthcare providers, and other helpful agencies in all 56 counties, from Beverhead to Yellowstone, in addition to general state and national offices and helplines.  These guides are based off the format of the resource guide developed by NAMI Flathead’s consumers.

County Mental Health Resources

Local NAMI Affiliates

Montana’s local NAMI affiliates hold a variety of support groups facilitated by individuals directly involved and impacted by mental illness. Local NAMI support groups are lifelines so you don’t have to feel alone. Click here to find your community and get connected.

Local NAMI Affiliates

Treatment Scout

Treatment Scout lists and allows users to review and rate their experiences about mental health and addiction therapy facilities and treatment methods across the United State and beyond.

Treatment Scout
Of all of NAMI Montana’s work, we are particularly proud of our education programs. Our 8-week courses offer powerful insight into mental illness and recovery that is incredibly valuable to individuals struggling with mental illness and their families. NAMI Montana believes that these courses save lives. We are happy to offer them free of charge to the people and families that need them.
In addition to the family-to-family and peer-to-peer courses, we are happy to host an annual conference featuring presentations by top researchers, authors, and other figures from the mental illness field. We can’t wait to share details about our upcoming 2022 conference, located in beautiful Kalispell Montana.  Stay tuned for more details on dates.

How NAMI Montana Accomplishes its Mission

1.  Helping concerned families and friends start up local support, education, and advocacy groups.

2.  Educating the public to dispel mis-perceptions and overcome the stigma associated with mental illness.

3.  Advocating for the interests of persons with mental illness, including advocacy for enlightened and effective laws and adequate funding for services.

4.  Teaming with mental health service providers and other advocacy organizations to improve service delivery and encourage them to work with families as allies.

5.  Promoting a range of support services in the community, including appropriate housing, income maintenance, low-stress employment and training, social networks, medical and rehabilitation services, and assertive case management.

6.  Promoting research into the physiological, neurological, biochemical and genetic aspects of severe and persistent mental illness that could point to causes, treatment, and prevention.

How we keep the lights on.

Trans-Montana Charity Ride

The Trans-Montana Snowmobile Ride is an annual winter charity ride going across our great state of Montana raising awareness and money for NAMI Montana.


Annual NAMI Walk

Every year people across Montana come together for the Annual NAMI Walk, usually our largest fundraising event. It’s a fun way to support NAMI Montana and have healthy fun with the whole family.


Individual Donations Make It Work

We couldn’t do this work without the important one time and monthly donations from people like you. Your individual contributions pull it all together.

Donate Now

Stop Suicide: Save a Life

If you are feeling suicidal or you know someone who is demonstrating the warning signs of suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference